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i will read ashes for you, if you ask me. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[20 Feb 2012|10:30am]

or should i say mostly locked.
please leave all requests to be added here(:

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(: [11 Dec 2008|11:22pm]

DSC00433.jpg picture by reveriedouche
going off tomorrow morning, will be back on sunday evening!
it's almost midnight and i haven't packed.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA ♥ [10 Nov 2008|12:10am]
IMG_2555.jpg picture by reveriedouche

dearest andrea, happy 17th (:

thank you for being such a great friend, i cannot say how much i love you! our weird jumping shots, always craving for sushi, swimming at your place, trips to malaysia + philippines, writing letters, having fun, attempting to stay up late at camps but ending up talking nonsense and eventually falling asleep. saturday night was really great..i suppose we've never really had a problem with heart-to-hearts. we must start the arts revolution soon! what happened to all the arts/artsy people in church?? there are hardly any! everyones like science-y (i admit i was like that once haha).

i hope you'll have a great day, and when your o levels end tmrw, have a blast of a time!
and i'm sure you'll have fun when you go to australia for a month..when you come back we can begin our sewing frenzy for the kids in tuao (:

there were too many photos that i wanted to post here..but i must practise self-control, so i chose only one haha. there rest will be up on facebook! soonish haha. birthday celebrations are always fun (:

♥ you!
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happy 20th liy (: [12 Oct 2008|12:01am]

thank you for being such a great-beyond-words friend (: i cannot imagine school without you, for sure. when you leave for korea take me with you! haha. and i know that we've both said this like a million times over, but i'm so glad i met you again - can't believe that i was close to you in sec 1 and 2 (although we quarrelled A LOT), and then we didn't talk for 4 years from upper sec through to jc, and then ended up in the same og in arts oweek.

and since birthdays are all about looking back and realising how far you've come in life,

happy birthday once again! enjoy your day, and your year (:
because we'll never be 20 again ♥
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at long last [25 Sep 2008|04:18pm]

getplush! has been updated (:

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<3 [23 Sep 2008|04:37pm]
IMG_1921.jpg picture by reveriedouche IMG_1933.jpg picture by reveriedouche
l'espace vide has been updated! with my edited pictogram (boring) and the photography assignment (exciting!) that includes angie (: pleaseeeee comment!
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happy 20th christl(: [07 Sep 2008|10:53pm]
so christl's birthday was yesterday, 6th september.
and i made her a video! the video quality was good on windows movie maker, but when i published it, the quality went down. and when i uploaded it on vimeo (isk see i listened to you!) the quality got even worse :(

but anyway, here's the video: filled with pictures of both of us, and of our vj classmates and the soccer girls, and lots of steph haha. steph where have you been i haven't heard from you in the longest time! i miss you, hope everything's going fine over there.

HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY CHRISTL! from charmaine on Vimeo.

of course, with 2 great songs - quiet by rachael yamagata and fidelity by regina spektor (:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTL! wish i was there, but i'm not..so a video will have to suffice for now! ♥

p.s. there's this typo error in the video that's driving me nuts - instead of typing "the alps" i typed "the alp". what a badddd mistake. but correcting it would mean republishing the video and reuploading everything - no thanks!
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exciting! [31 Aug 2008|09:04pm]
Dear Students,
The Office of Student Affairs has recently purchased the National Heritage Board’s institutional membership for the NUS community. This membership will expire on 23 April 2009.
All current NUS students are entitled to unlimited free admission to the following
·         Asian Civilisations Museum
·         National Museum of Singapore
·         Singapore Art Museum
·         Peranakan Museum.
Details on these NationalMuseums can be found at www.nhb.gov.sg.  Students must produce their NUSMatriculation Cards at the Museum’s front desk before admission.   

Student Organisations Section

Office of Student Affairs

EXCITING! wow anyone wants to go! christl are you up for it when you get back?? haha freeeee admission leh we must all make use of it! i want to go to the peranakan museum the most, even though i'm totally not peranakan.
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l'espace vide [25 Aug 2008|11:26pm]

i've put up 2 entries of drawings at [info]lespacevide.
l'espace vide means the empty space, in french (: please go visit! and comment honestly (: i could use some good advice; haven't picked up the pencil to draw, like really-draw kind of draw, in the longest time. thanks liy for helping me with the layout when i was going crazy and about to pull my hair out - i have no idea how to use css! and there's no more s1 layouts and html for me to fiddle with :(

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haha [18 Aug 2008|11:00pm]

i miss this! combined careteam outings to island creamery and mcdonalds. what a cute photo.
also, i miss my birkenstocks which i'm wearing in the photo; i've thrown them away :( perhaps i should get new ones.

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coming soon! [09 Aug 2008|04:39pm]

soon = tonight (hopefully!)

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marseille (: [07 Aug 2008|10:34am]
our first day trip on the second sunday (28thjune) in montpellier - to the oldest town in france..it was a really beautiful place; i don't think i can ever describe it properly, you'll have to go and see for yourself (: photos are alll from facebook, haha but there are too many to actually click through, so here are the ones i like (: captions and everything from my facebook albums as well. and the pictures with the dates are nadirah's! and the photos are not photoshopped at all(:

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i'll find a way [30 Jul 2008|10:27pm]

finally! i have gotten my chance to eat yakun kaya toast - i haven't eaten it in months (deprived, i know!). kaya toast is so unlike the bread in france..you could hit a robber on the head with a baguette and he'll be knocked out haha cos the bread crust is always so hard! but the inside is soft (most of the time). for the 3 weeks we've been eating baguettes or panini (singular: panino). say panini many times and it'll start to sound funny. i've never been a fan of bread, but i loveeee yakun(: and teh bing. speaking of teh bing, i have to complain (how singaporean!) about the cheese prata place at fong seng (you know near kent ridge bus terminal) - their service is getting from bad to worse. i just went there for prata on sunday night after evening service with shawn and andrea.

(we indicate that we would like to order - man walks to our table like he's the most bored person on the whole earth, and couldn't care less about what we want to order. he moves his head - apparently that is supposed to mean that we can start ordering)
me: andrea you wanna go first?
andrea: uh okay..can i have 2 egg prata?
(man does not say anything but frowns like as though andrea is speaking in a foreign language)
andrea (much louder): 2 egg prata
(man writes it down)
me: can i have 1 cheese and 1 egg prata?
(man writes it down)
andrea: and 1 milo dinosaur please
(man writes it down)
me: 1 teh bing please
(man frowns at me like i'm speaking a foreign language)
me: iced..milk..teaaa
man: TEHHH BINGGGG (in a very irritated tone)

i bet you he thought i was some angmoh-fied chinese who does not know that iced milk tea is teh bing..hence the very irritated tone with me. TSK. anyhow we have decided to boycott the place! the people there look like they couldn't care less about their customers. irvin told me the other time they went, they had to wait 45 minutes for their food, and after that they went to hurry the person, and the guy said they were lying! haha that would be absurd. so anyway they walked out, but in the end they got free drinks. time to search for a new prata place to eat at after church.

salvation army was..disappointing at first. then we looked through the stuff again and again, and our hard work finally paid off. i got 3 vests - they were all similar but like in different colours and have different embroidery (but they were $3 each how can i not get them allllll hahahaha), and a skirt for $5. liy got a dress for $5, a formal shirt, a vest, and something (i can't remember what it is) - all for $3 each. needless to say shopping there brought out the auntie in us (don't laugh, i'm sure you have an auntie in you too). come on, $14 for 4 clothing items is really cheap alright, and we're doing out part to save money. though we actually could have saved more by not buying anything haha. but! no time for regrets! while searching for stuff we got a bit bored along the way, and then we started singing along to the oldies they were playing in the store..and liyana danced. i did not do the same i promise.

met stella for dinner after such a long while of not seeing her(: she's one vj classmate i'm glad i stayed in touch with. and besides, we're taking the same major, because she just declared hers as cnm yay. it was really nice catching up(: perhaps we could go to salvation army the next time? haha when they've restocked with better clothes.

midweek bible class tonight was interesting..and andrea and shawn were there. uncle henry came up to us and was like "its so great to see the youth here!" haha. perhaps we'll be the 3 who will be consistently coming..we've decided that even with school we'd still be able to make it, so it's good (:

today was a really good day - many things and friends to be thankful for (that includes you georgie).

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[12 Jul 2008|06:29pm]

i'm at mcdonald's (in france they call it mac do) near the train station waiting for isk and nadirah to come. we have like 7 hours till our train arrives, and i'll stay in paris for a night before i leave for singapore.
i really miss the food and my cat and my family and my bed, and my air conditioner (which apparently is not working, according to my mom). oh well.
anyway the photo was taken in avignon, when we took a train there last sunday (: me, nadiah (in the phonebooth) and luis (our spanish housemate who is so funny and nonsensical).

au revoir! see you all back in singapore ♥

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this is only up to day 10 in france(: [02 Jul 2008|06:21am]
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je suis heureux [27 Jun 2008|07:34am]
hello(: i know i haven't updated for days, which is so unlike me, but then things have been extremely busy over here in montpellier. and i'm using nadiah's laptop now, so i can't upload any pictures here; she needs my laptop to use photoshop to complete work, cos hers always hangs on her hahahaha.

well so on the first day of school i discovered that i was in a totally different class from the rest of the singaporeans..there are about 15 of us, and the rest are all in the same class except for me!! whyyyy..and i was totally dreading class. and after the first class, i was so stressed and upset that i wanted to cry! for real. there are 3 italians (who are really hilarious, they joke all the time), 2 swedish, 1 japanese, 1 russian (with a british accent), 1 american and me. and the rest of them speak really really well cos they've been in montpellier for like 3, 4 weeks, and some have even been in france for 3, 4 months. only the russian, american and i started class on monday.

so it was really stressful, they can speak so well..as for me, i can write well, hence i do well in tests, but speaking is a real challenge. anyway i tried to change classes, but my teacher said i have to remain in this class and try to speak cos he saw my placement test, and that i'm suitable for this level of learning..so i had to be thick-skinned and remain in the class and make lots of mistakes in speaking so that i can learn. and its really not easy at all, but class has been getting better, and funnier and more enjoyable, so that's good(:

and i am improving! nadiah and i can understand most of what our host, nadine is saying, and our responses are faster now. we have lots of expressions and intonations and actions to illustrate what we want to say though haha.

on tuesday we cycled from montpellier to the beach, which is really far..according to nadine its 10km, but i think its much more! cos we cycled through the town and through lots of winding areas, and through this rich area with boats parked right outside their house because they stay along a river. and we also had to cycle on the really rough and uneven and gravel-y type of rural paths..it was crazily tiring, and i mean it. we took about one and a half hours to cycle there, then we spent one hour at the beach (which is a topless beach as well), and then we took another 2 hours to cycle back. and by that time we were all half dead from cycling, and from sitting on the bicycle seat, 5 minutes on that seat is enough to make ta derriere ache a lot. oh and i crashed into some barrier (HAHA) and fell, so now i have really, really ugly, bruised legs. nothing serious, but still. i hope they heal soon!

anyway i said the weather here will be better than singapore's, apparently not! only the 1st day was good, but now its just getting hotter and hotter every day, today was the worst day! and perhaps tomorrow will be worse. you can get a tan by walking on the street, i'm serious. after going to the beach twice, and cycling under the hot sun for so long, and walking here and there in monpellier, nadiah and i are much darker than when we first came here.

and yesterday there was une manifestation in montpellier itself!  une manifestation is a protest/strike. you know how they say the french love to hold strikes..i think its true. yesterday's one was by vinegrowers, because the government has increased the taxes of wine, so they are extremely unhappy because they already aren't making a lot of money, and to increase taxes is to drive them out of their livelihood. we were so excited to see it (not participate!), because well, you'll never see such things in singapore, ever. so we went to the area where they were gathered, and it was like some rally, with the main speaker rousing the crowd and stuff. and some french reporters said that the protest will get violent in 2 hours and we got very scared :/ after the rally, they started marching out and lighting these firecracker sort of stuff that sound like mini bombs, when they explode its loud and there's smoke. it was quite scary. after that we escaped to go for a french workshop. and isk said that when he was walking home, he saw the police complete with their batons and helmets and vests and shields, and there was a tree cut down that blocked a road, and it was on fire :/ really scary but quite interesting! how they're so different.

i think my english is getting worse..i can't spell some words properly, i don't know why! oh and today we went shopping(: got cheap, nice stuff again; but we only managed to cover a bit of the shopping mall (its called polygone). so we're going to go back soon!

its 7.56am in singapore now, which means its 1.58am over here..and i have class at 9am! oh no. okay i'd better end here(: just thought i'd update you all. for all those of you who left comments/wrote to my facebook, thank you! <3 i will reply you soon! just that i have so so so so much homework to do everyday after school :(

and i miss all of you!
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c'est bien [23 Jun 2008|05:22am]

bonjour from france!
i'm at my host's place using the internet now(: thankfully i brought my laptop. so i'm in montpellier now, but the 1 day spent in paris was really great! we got to see the tour eiffel (as you can see), took a million photos (imagine 4 of us with 4 cameras), shopped at h&m, sat down in a cafe and tried to watch the world go by, and nadirah's aunt, uncle and thier toddler showed us around (: so we didn't really get that lost - trust me, the metro lines in paris are CRAZY. we didn't get to go to the louvre, or champs elysees (excuse the lack of accents on the E-s) because there was simply no time! i have lots of photos i want to put up, but its late, and i'm so tired! actually its only 12 midnight over here, but i think i'm still in the singapore time zone..

oh and i say the meteo in paris is CRAZY because there are so many many many lines (maybe i'll try to count them, and i'll tell you all), that singapore's 3 different lines is like nothing. and also, the train stations have many long, neverending underpasses, and signs, and lots and lots of stairs going up and down up and down. so this morning when we were supposed to take the TGV (train à grande vitesse, french for "high-speed train) from paris to montpellier, we had to find our way from the hostel to the correct station - and can you imagine the 4 of us with our luggages, going up and down staircases?? my luggage is like about 19kg heavy, not to forget my 8kg backpack. isk had the least things, but it was tiring as well. and nadiah had luggage so huge she could fit into it, nadirah had 2 small suitcases and her backpack. it was backbreaking! we climbed up and down about 15 - 20 flights of stairs lugging everything.

oh and i forgot to mention..paris is full of shops that sell lovely lovely lovely charms! at least the quartier where our hostel was in was filled with them! wowwwww. nadiah and i were going crazy..at least i wasn't the only one haha. but i didn't really buy much stuff, because you know, everything's in euros, so when you have to multiply the price by about 2.2, you end up not buying much! oh well. nadiah and i only bought eiffel tower charms; and i didn't get anything for getplush!. perhaps when i go back to paris on the last day, and if i see a charms shop, and if i still have money to spend, i will get some charms for getplush. the problem is most of these shops are wholesale, so you have to buy a minimum of 50 euros of stuff (for some shops is 100 euros) :/

also, the people here aren't stuck up at all! even though we don't look caucasian or french or whatever at all, everyone starts by speaking to you in french, because, especially in paris, there are a lot of migrants who speak really fluent french, like the natives. it is truly amazing to see a whole string of properly pronounced french words and sentences come out of the mouth of someone who looks so extremely chinese..you know what i mean? not that i have to divide everything by racial lines, but you get it.

i promise i will put up more photos..but while i'm here, i want to soak up as much as i can - the relaxation, the language, the whole culture (: so the internet will definitely not be the most important thing on my mind.

a bit about the lady who's hosting nadiah and i - she's about 50, and she works as a nurse. she doesn't speak nor understand english, except for a few words. nadiah and i are in such big trouble because our french is so bad! there's this other guy from usa (john) staying here too, and his french is so crazily good, because he's been in france for the past 6 months, so he talks to our host (she's called madame nadine magnol), and wow he's really good. he acts like nad's and my translator..which is really nice of him, and he's quite friendly too(: but i think we're improving, we're able to understand most of the conversations we all have..just that we really do need to work on our responses haha. we understand, but we take a really long time to respond.

oh and today we had a very interesting time at the beach..nadine brought nadiah, john and i there..and it was like sort of a partial nudist beach. haha! there were many topless women..total culture shock for us; or at least for nadiah and i. as for john, when nadine left us sitting on the beach for a while, he was like "well..i've never been to the beach with her before (cos it's his second time here), but it seems like a bad idea now" hahahaha. but on to less controversial things, the beach was beautiful, and the sun was hot, and the wind, wow the wind is like airconditioning over here! the weather is still hot (sunburn kinda hot), but the wind here is cool, unlike the hot air excuse for wind we have in singapore. its great(:

tomorrow's the first day of school! john's gonna take the bus with us so we don't get lost.

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run with butterflies in my hair [19 Jun 2008|09:54pm]

okay this is going to be my last entry before i leave for france! after this i'm going to pack up my laptop and charger and put them in my bag. excitinggggg this is the longest and furthest i've ever been away from home, and this is hardly even a school organized trip! i really thank God for this opportunity..it has been hard. but God is good, and He provides. what more can i ask for? i think it'll be a good respite from life in singapore.

the weather in paris is going to be cool despite it being summer - lowest about 11 degrees celcius, highest about 20. and i've hardly brought anything for cold weather..only like my jeans and some cardigans (which keep me warm in like nus lecture theatres haha), so they won't be of much help. anyhow i'm only spending a day in paris, and the bulk of my time in montpellier, which is south, and the south is always warmer - average temperatures there are about 29, 30 degrees. singaporean-y weather, only minus the humidity, and that is great. no humidity is always great.

i just got a message from shu en asking me to run with butterflies in my hair - haha well i certainly will try! i am so excited here i am rambling on and on. but i have not reduced the weight of my luggage from 18 to 15kg. help! maybe i'll be able to do that by tomorrow. isk just called me and he said that he thinks his is less than 15kg, and that girls are always like that, cos nadiah and nadirah (i think i will say nad! and both of them will respond) have the same problem.

oh and today jon and christl called me, it was hilarious! it was someone with no number, but i just answered. and then someone said something in french, but i couldn't figure out what it was. then the person just kept going on and on and on in a thick fake french accent and i thought it was isk. then i heard some laughter and i was thoroughly confused..and the person went on and on and on again in french. i heard a lot of "oui oui oui"s haha and then i heard the laughter again..and it was really familiar and it dawned on me THAT IS CHRISTL'S LAUGH and THAT IS JON'S VOICE. oh my. they were too stressed studying for their exam tomorrow. but thank you so much for the call (: it was a really nice surprise.

anyway i'll bring my phone to france, and i've just installed skype (my parents and brother insist on talking to me twice a week), and i'll have internet, and i'll be blogging there, so you all can just msn + leave comments + email + skype + sms me :D sounds good?

okay my positivity is overwhelming; suddenly the world seems a much brighter place haha.

three words: I CANNOT WAIT!

and take care everyone(:

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awayyyy [10 Jun 2008|09:23pm]

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for huilin! [28 May 2008|10:24pm]

oh yes i forgot!
viceandvanity for some good second-hand clothes loving(:

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